The 罗德岛开放课本主动性 (RI OTI) - 在2016年开始 - 冲击下里的高等教育机构通过开放许可教科书降低大学费用。 ESTA倡议,加上JWU图书馆自身的资源努力提供,已经节省近JWU一百万美元的学生。 (这是很多钱。)

A student studying on a computer in the library 

“该计划是一本教科书里全州为了鼓励高等教育,以减少教科书的学生费用采取开放教育资源(OER),” caparco说。 “但在JWU,我们不会停止在OER以实现节约学生 - 教师和图书管理员的合作,不断地寻找课本的最佳替代品,其中可能包括图书馆资源和/或自由访问在线资源。”


“我继续寻找新的方法来支持教师想从开放教育资源或图书馆所购买的资源分配过程中的读数,以替代学生购买课本,”她说。 “通过 WorldCat,JWU图书馆的信息发现的门户打开更加内容也将很快面市随着成为开放教育资源的发现一个“一站式购物”体验的终极目标“。




“Sometimes, as an introductory question in my online ILS 2090 class, I ask students to comment on something they see in the syllabus that they like. I always have students who point to this part of my syllabus. It makes them feel that professors are taking into account the difficulties they face in trying to afford a college education. Some also mention that they learn better through video than through written text.” -Wendy Wagner, Ph.D., Professor, John Hazen White College of Arts & Sciences

“I have found that students are much more likely to have needed materials early in the course.  And, the universal availability of course materials has led to more dynamic and meaningful discussions during class time.” -Ryan Tainsh, Ed.D., Associate Professor, John Hazen White College of Arts & Sciences

“What I find the most beneficial for both students and myself is that the materials used in class discussions, activities and journal reflections are all the most current topics and publications.  It allows me to update my teaching materials every term and gear discussions and assignments based on my students interests and current events, which change each term.” -Carla White Ellis, Ph.D., CFD, Assistant Professor, John Hazen White College of Arts & Sciences

“I am a novice at OER, but if it goes well enough, the Social Sciences department may expand it to all Providence sections of SOC1001 next year, which reaches over 500 JWU students!” -Jessica Sherwood, Ph.D., Associate Professor, John Hazen White College of Arts & Sciences  

想了解更多关于JWU图书馆的使命我为学生和教师提供开放的教育资源?他们的访问 website or email Kerry Caparco.